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Brimsham Green School

Brimsham Green School - Prents and Students Area

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Supportive Education - Students with Special Needs

The supportive education department liaises with local primary schools before students transfer to the school. The information that is gathered is given to subject teachers and tutors so that everyone knows about the child’s needs before they start school. This information is regularly updated. 

Synthetic Phonics

In September 2007, the school introduced a synthetic phonics scheme for year 7 students. Small groups receive intensive literacy teaching for one hour each day from a trained group of teachers and teaching assistants. 

Support for Literacy and Numeracy

In years 7 to 9, students are identified who would benefit from support on literacy and numeracy. Most receive one hour a week additional support in a withdrawal group between 2 to 6 pupils. 

Paired Reading Scheme 

The Supportive Education Department works with the English department in running a reading scheme that involves reading to parents for students in years 7 and 8. 

Key Stage 4 

In years 10 and 11 students are invited to join a Step Up group, this is a vocational course which gives opportunities for extended work experience and focuses on life skills and preparation for the world of work.