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Brimsham Green School

Brimsham Green School - Prents and Students Area

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Supportive Education - Facilities & External Agencies

Resource Base for Physically Disabled Students:

Brimsham Green School has a county facility for students with a physical disability. This includes a resource base and all classrooms have access by ramps; there are adapted toilets, a lift and washing facilities. 

Links with special schools, other resource centres and External Agencies:

The school has access to the following organisations; among others the S.S.E.N. service, the Service for the Hearing Impaired and Visually Impaired and the Emotional and Behavioural Support Team.

Members of the Supportive Education Faculty attend cluster meetings with partner primary schools and Special Needs Co-ordinator’s meetings in South Gloucestershire.

The school also has links with a range of professionals from education, medical and social services. A physiotherapist visits regularly. Some students receive support from an Occupational therapist.