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History - A Level Centre

Russian Civil WarA LEVEL HISTORY
Exam Board: AQA

Dear Student,

Welcome to the History A Level subject page. History is a subject which will fire your imagination and curiosity about the past, will challenge you and hopefully inspire you! Throughout the two year course you will learn a great deal about both the tumultuous changes of the Tudor period and also about the dramatic events of the Cold War in the second half of the twentieth century.  For your coursework you will study the fascinating story of African-Americans’ journey from the abolition of slavery in 1865 through to the Civil Rights Movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

On this page you will find some useful resources to support your A Level History course. In addition you will find lots more resources (recommended reading, articles and much more) in the Study Centre at Brimsham Green School.  Please speak to Mr Valentine, Mr Paul (History Department) or Mrs Harrison (Study Centre Manager) if you would like help in locating resources.

One of the vital aspects to your success is your willingness and ability to read around the subject. With only a limited amount of lesson time per fortnight, it is essential that you complement your lessons with your own reading and note-taking.  Whilst you will not be able to read absolutely everything about a given issue or event, your teachers will expect you to read an extra chapter or two for each topic. Only then will you have an advanced understanding of what you are learning about.  The textbooks you have been issued with will provide you with the basic historical knowledge and understanding, but if you are after the higher grades, then you must read outside of class.  Good luck!

The History Department

 Course Information:

AQA UNIT 1: Breadth Study - 1C The Tudors: England, 1485-1603 (40%)

Year 12: Henry VII and Henry VIII
Year 13: Edward VI, Mary I and Elizabeth I

Assessment: One written examination of two hours and 30 minutes. Three questions.
80 marks.

AQA UNIT 2: Depth Study - 2R The Cold War, c1945-1991 (40%)

Year 12: To the brink of Nuclear War: International Relations, c1945-1963
Year 13: From Détente to the end of the Cold War, c1963-1991

Assessment: One written examination of two hours and 30 minutes. Three questions.
80 marks.

AQA Unit 3: Historical Investigation (coursework): Civil Rights in the USA (20%)

For this unit you will carry out an independent enquiry into the changing position of black people in the USA between 1865 and 1981.  We will study the background of the topic in class, but then you will need to work independently.  You will research the topic with a view to tracing a development or issue which has been subject to different historical interpretations.

Assessment:  You are required to produce a sustained piece of writing of between 3000 and 35000 words in length.  Internally assessed.  40 marks.

You can also access resources via the Shared Student Drive in school:
[Computer - Student Shared (L:) - Documents by SUBJECT - History - KS5]