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What's in a name? Acton has a strong history of promoting education and the school at Iron Acton led the way in Victorian times in education for all. It has an interesting history that is well documented and celebrated. Including Acton as one of our house names broadens the reach of our community and extends our attention outside Yate.


What's in a name? Deerleap describes the boundary fence of the forest. Yate comes from the word gate and therefore there is a direct link between this boundary fence and the name of our town. The School Council liked the image created of a stag vaulting over the fence signifying strength, pride and not being limited by barriers placed in our way.


What's in a name? The School Council liked the name Hawkesbury. It brings to mind a majestic bird of prey that is independent and has control of its own destiny. It is a strong, powerful name that reminds us of our history and heritage.


What's in a name? Ladenbrook is a name found on maps of Yate from the middle ages. It is a tributary of the River Frome. Its name is unusual and therefore is unique to our setting. It makes us think about the importance of the local waterways in the development of our town. In addition, we know that the power of a river comes from its tributaries just as Ladenbrook House will contribute to the power of Brimsham Green School.


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