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Brimsham Green School

Brimsham Green School

Values & Ethos

The school’s goals are encapsulated in our Vision Statement, the explicit statement of how we aspire to see the school in the future.  Our Aims align the improvement efforts of the Governors, staff, parents and students  to secure our Vision.

Vision:  Brimsham Green School nurtures the limitless potential of all learners, inspiring students and staff to excel.

Aims:  Brimsham Green School aims to:

  • Be an inclusive community school
  • Be a happy, safe and resilient learning community
  • Develop ambitious, confident students who contribute readily to their community
  • Develop hardworking, independent learners who are highly motivated to achieve their full potential
  • Promote the acquisition of personal, social, academic and technological skills
  • Promote self-discipline, tolerance, respect and understanding of others
  • Collaborate and work in close partnership with parents and members of our community

Core Purpose:   'Inspiring all to excel'

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