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Brimsham Green School pupils benefit from hundreds of new books thanks to Ms Garland winning a competition!

At the end of October there were whoops of delight in BS37 when we realised Ms Garland, our head teacher,  had been successful in a competition entry—she had won hundreds of new books for our school library.  

The competition was organised by Lit in Colour.  Created by publishing giant Penguin Books, Lit in Colour aims   to find innovative and practical ways to give schools the support and tools they need to introduce more books by people of colour into the classroom and library.

Here is Ms Garland’s winning entry:-

“I proudly lead an inclusive school which champions the right of every child to be seen, heard and valued. Despite our inclusivity, we reflect South Gloucestershire's community: we're racially homogeneous, 94% of students are White British. In 2021-22 we are championing Equality and Diversity, working to tackle conscious/unconscious racial bias. Student voice tells me, "... our bias comes from ignorance." Students want to be ignorant no longer! To expose students to others' lived experiences, I want to re-imagine the book-stock in our Fiction Room, making this more racially diverse from the point of view of authors, characters and stories.”

The books span genres and ages,  are fiction and non fiction  and will massively enhance and diversify our book stock in the school’s study centre.

For more information about Lit In Colour click here.





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