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Concerned about the safety/wellbeing of a student?

Are you concerned about the safety or wellbeing of a student at Brimsham Green School?

Hawkesbury House Council did some research earlier this year and found that some students were reluctant to share their concerns about themselves or their friends because they were concerned that coming to Student Reception and reporting an issue would raise too many questions. In response to this student voice, we are going to trial this reporting tool. We will gather some feedback from students and parents at the end of Term 1 (October 2021) to gauge how much of an impact it's had.
You will notice that question 6 asks if you are the perpetrator, we have asked that because we want to be able to give people the opportunity to recognise any responsibility they may have in causing harm to another person.
Please note that this form is viewed once a week during term time. If you have any urgent concerns for the safety of a young person please call 999. The South Glos Access and Response Team can also be contacted on 01454 866000.

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