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 Queries relating to examinations should be forwarded,
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Certificates: Certificates for Summer 2022 are available for collection from the main school office from Monday 28th November. If not collected in person, a representative can collect on your behalf with signed permission from you and photographic ID.


We have a large number of uncollected certificates dating back to 2012. Please check that older siblings have collected their certificates. It is a requirement for us to hold certificates for five years only, after which point they will be destroyed. We do not hold copies of certificates. 

Year 11 Mocks

Year 11 mock exams will take place from Tuesday 8th November until Monday 28th November.

Students should register as normal in tutor bases at 8.45am prompt and then go to their exam room at 8.50am. For afternoon exams, they should go to the exam room at 12.50pm.

Students not doing an exam will attend normal lessons. After exams, they should return to normal lessons promptly. Most exams take place in the old gym (GYM) or Youth Wing (YW). Access students will be in C-block.

Pencil cases must be see-through – Remember to bring: BLACK Biro pens, pencils, ruler, protractor, calculator (if permitted, remove case), compass, rubber, pencil sharpener, highlighter to ALL exams. No correction fluid may be used. Transparent water bottles are permitted but labels must be removed. Mobile phones/MP3/watches etc. are strictly prohibited in all exams. Do not bring them.

 Click here for the Year 11 mock examinations timetable. 

Information for Candidates and Parents/Carers

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