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Working Wednesdays 

Brimsham Green has embarked on an exciting career venture this year with the introduction of Working Wednesdays—an initiative aimed at broadening our students' horizons and nurturing their understanding of the myriad of career possibilities awaiting them. Held during our extended tutor time, these fortnightly sessions have quickly become a cornerstone of our commitment to providing a well-rounded career education at Brimsham.

The primary objective of Working Wednesdays is to showcase the diverse range of careers available to our students. We believe that by exposing them to a range of professions and career paths, they can better envision their future and develop the necessary skills and attributes whilst at Brimsham to thrive in their chosen fields.

The format of these sessions is engaging and interactive. Our presenters, hailing from both local and distant areas, generously share their career journeys, discussing the trials and triumphs they encountered along the way. These narratives provide invaluable insights into the real-world application of skills acquired during their formative years in school.

One of the most compelling aspects of Working Wednesdays is the diversity of perspectives and professions showcased. Speakers from various industries, backgrounds, and experiences offer a wide range of insight. Through their stories, students glean not only the technical skills required for their potential careers but also the softer skills—resilience, adaptability, and communication—that are essential in today's dynamic job market.

We've ensured that these sessions are accessible to all our students, from Year 7 to Year 13, with a collective attendance of over 1,000 students per presentation. Additionally, we've embraced technology by inviting speakers to join us remotely via Teams, enabling us to connect with professionals from around the globe, transcending geographical boundaries, or to meet us in person and visit one of our tutor groups.

What makes Working Wednesdays truly impactful is the candidness with which speakers share their failures and successes. This authenticity resonates with our students, offering them a realistic portrayal of the twists and turns that a career path can take. Moreover, the emphasis on how their school experiences contributed to their success is a powerful motivator for our students.

The first-hand accounts from such a wide array of professions emphasize the importance of adaptability and the transferability of skills across industries. Students are beginning to grasp that the skills they acquire—be it critical thinking, problem-solving, or effective communication—are not confined to specific professions but are tools they can wield in any career they choose to pursue.

Our students have had the privilege of hearing from professionals spanning various fields. From a media journalist offering insights into the fast-paced world of celebrity reporting to a remote submarine designer from the MOD, the range of expertise shared has been fantastic.

Some of the highlights so far have been:

  • Human Relationships manager from Vets for Pets
  • British Army Consultant Obstetrician
  • Head of Reputation and Communications for Nando’s - a particularly popular presentation as the winner of the quiz at the end won a voucher for four at Nando’s) 
  • MOD engineer working on the development of remote submarines

We are looking forward to more Working Wednesdays in the New Year and are looking for more presenters from a wide range of sectors.  So if you, or someone you know, would be happy to support our careers programme at Brimsham, please email for details.


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