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If your child is unable to attend school, would you please telephone our absence line on 01454 868 888.  For our formal records you will need to send in a written note to your child's form tutor explaining the absence upon his/her return to school.

Requests for absence in term time

Following amendments to legislation, from September 2013 schools may no longer grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances. Family holidays are not considered to be ‘exceptional circumstances’.

If you would like an absence request to be considered, please complete a “Request for absence in term time” form available from reception. Any requests should be made on the official form and well in advance of the proposed absence and before any arrangements are made.


The school will consider each request for absence on its merits, but general principles are:

a) Headteachers are permitted to grant leave of absence only in exceptional circumstances.  The fact that holidays are cheaper during term time is not regarded as a valid reason for missing education.

b) No leave will be granted during years 10, 11, 12 and 13 due to the importance and pressure of exam preparation and controlled assessments.

c) No leave will be granted during Year group examination periods.

d) Modular exams, coursework requirements and tight teaching schedules mean that any absence during years 10-13 is extremely disruptive and parents are urged not to request leave during these important periods of their children’s education.

e) Leave will not be granted to students who do not have regular attendance.

We are grateful for your support in our attempts to provide the best possible education for your child. Please avoid any requests for absence in term time and do all you can to reinforce the habit of punctuality and full attendance which have such a powerful impact on educational progress.

If the school refuses to authorise the proposed absence and you still choose to go ahead ,the school may request the Local Authority to consider issuing you with a Fixed Penalty Notice(fine).

Please contact your Head of House if you wish to discuss specific plans or concerns.

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