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Reading this you may be surprised to learn that Religious Studies is not about being religious, at Brimsham Green school it is about establishing yourself as a person. 

It is about knowing what you think, and being aware of what others think.  We want our students to be able to explain themselves.  To be able to say: this is what I think, and why I think it.  We ensure the issues explored are current and prepare our students to play their part in the multi cultural society in which they live.  RS is an excellent subject for students that want to work with people and for those who plan to travel, as they need to understand other people's cultures and religions.

Religious Studies gives students the time and space to think for themselves, alongside the realisation that there is not always a right answer to things, that lots of people have come up with different answers to the same question.

Students develop communication and listening skills as they listen to the views of others and compare it to their own in a respectful way.

Mr M Valentine
Head of Humanities


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