The following Resources will support you in your A-Level Sociology studies:



Film chronicling the tumultuous three-month period in 1965 when Dr Martin Luther King Jr led a campaign to secure equal voting rights in the face of violent opposition, culminating in the epic march from Selma to Montgomery, Alabama, which led President Johnson to sign the Voting Rights Act of 1965, one of the most significant victories for the civil rights movement that forever altered history. Useful for the Beliefs unit.


Louis Theroux documentaries

Transgender Kids documentary. Louis travels to San Francisco where medical professionals are helping children with gender dysphoria transition from boy to girl or girl to boy.

Linking to Crime and Deviance - Behind Bars – Louis travels to California to spend two weeks in the notorious San Quentin State Prison. Built in 1852, San Quentin is dangerously overcrowded.

Linking to the Belief unit - Louis Theroux struggles to come to terms with the infamous Phelps family from Topeka, Kansas, who picket countrywide as a protest against an America that tolerates homosexuality. and revisiting them 4 years later


TED Talks

Gender Roles in Society

How Economic Inequality Harms Societies

Do schools kill creativity

Bring on the learning revolution

What if students controlled their own learning?

Why education not punishment is a solution to reducing crime

Global criminal network


Exam Board: AQA Specification: Sociology 7191

How am I examined in this subject?

Sociology is assessed through three exam papers.

  • Paper 1 – Education with Theory and Methods: this exam is worth 33.3% of your A-Level, is out of 80 and is 2 hours long. It is divided into three sections: Education, Methods in Context and Theory and Methods.
  • Paper 2 – Topics in Sociology: this exam is worth 33.3% of your A-Level, it is out of 80 and is 2 hours long. It is divided into two sections: Health and Belief.
  • Paper 3 – Crime and Deviance with Theory and Methods: This exam is worth 33.3% of you’re a-Level, is out of 80 and is 2 hours long. It is divided into two sections: Crime and Deviance and Theory and Methods.

How are my responses assessed?

In each essay you write, you are assessed on three separate assessment objectives:

AO1: Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of: sociological theories, concepts and evidence and sociological research methods. (44%)

AO2: Apply sociological theories, concepts, evidence and research methods to a range of issues. (31%)

AO3: Analyse and evaluate sociological theories, concepts, evidence and research methods in order to: present arguments, make judgements and draw conclusions. (25%)

How could this subject support my future education or career?

▪ Sociology can help you understand group dynamics and diverse perspectives

as well as construct and dissect persuasive arguments.

▪ Collect, manage, and analyse complex forms of data.

▪ Communicate effectively through written and oral presentation.

▪ Having A-level sociology can lead you to university degree courses in sociology, politics, ethics, philosophy, advertising, media studies, cinema studies, journalism amongst others