Student Planners - a letter to parents/carers

Dear Parent/Carer

I am writing to share with you the changes to our school planner based on the student, parent and staff voice we collected during Terms 2 and 3.  As you are aware, we sent out a questionnaire to all members of the school community using Survey Monkey and a large number of students, parents and staff responded to this.  Thank you to everyone who responded, your contribution was invaluable and has shaped the changes we are making.

Based on feedback, we have decided that planners will no longer be compulsory for students in Years 8-11, instead students will be able to opt in. 

Students are able to access Home Learning via SMHW which means there is less of a need for planners.  In addition, students will be reflecting on their current grades and LPS in a separate booklet which they will keep with them for the duration of their school career.  This will allow them to monitor the progress they are making over a longer period of time. These will be kept in school by your child’s tutor, however, you will continue to receive their current and LPS grade 3 times a year.

A prototype planner will be added to the school website ( so that you and your child can decide whether to opt in for a planner.  If you and your child do choose to opt in please complete the form below by Friday 22nd June.  There will be no cost for the planner, however if it is lost by a student there will be a small charge to replace it.  

Yours faithfully,

Ms Hewitt and Miss Lynett


Reply Slip – School Planner opt in

I would like my child to have a school planner.


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