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Remote Learning for Year 9 on Friday, 25 March

Dear Parents/Carers

Due to the large number of staff who will be absent tomorrow, I am really sorry to have to inform you that we will be closed to students in Year 9. We will be open to ALL other year groups, however.

Year 9 students will access their learning remotely via Satchel:one. The lessons will not be ‘live’ as staff will be re-deployed to cover for their absent colleagues.

Staff absence is largely due to COVID and/or childcare arising from COVID. Over the last few weeks, staff absence has been significantly impacted, however we have managed to secure enough external supply teachers / double up classes where this has been absolutely necessary. I am afraid that tomorrow there are simply not enough locally available supply teachers that we can buy in.

My hope is that by Monday some of the staff who are currently absent will have received their Day 6 negative LFD result, enabling them to return. In the unlikely event that we do need to close to a year group, we will NOT be closed to Year 9; we will prioritise their attendance, and aim to distribute any impact of closure as fairly as possible.

With many thanks for your understanding.

Ms Garland

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