Thursday 20th August 2020

GCSE Results  

We are delighted to be able to share and celebrate our Year 11’s academic achievements. They are testament to our students’ aspiration and perseverance, not just in the last five years at Brimsham, but indeed since they started at primary school.

Undoubtedly, students have been waiting anxiously over the past few weeks and months, and despite this have been mature and resilient in the face of uncertainty. This makes us particularly proud. Without doubt, the support students have received from their parents has helped them navigate such a challenging time – a heartfelt thank you to all of our Year 11 parents.

Kim Garland, Headteacher, said, “We take our lead from our Year 11, and their indomitable spirit. They are able, engaged young people with clear academic plans for the futures they have ahead of themselves. These exciting plans are possible because of what they have achieved so far, and we are thrilled to be able to share some of their successes with you. To be clear, these students achieved magnificent grades in spite of COVID-19, not because of the extraordinary arrangements this year, and we applaud them.”

Therefore, very many congratulations to students who have attained excellent grades: Rowan Berkley (10 x Grade 9s), Amy Shaddick (10 x Grade 9s), Freddie King (10 x Grade 7s and above), Tia Newman (10 x Grade 7s/ and above), Leah Walker (10 x Grade 7s/equivalents and above), George Pugh (10 x Grade 7s and above), Rebecca Durham (10 x Grade 7s and above), Rachael Proud (9 x Grade 7s and above), Alfie Gooding (9 x Grade 7s and above), Emma Chandler (9 x Grade 7s and above), Maya Barstow (9 x Grade 7s and above), Emily Barry (9 x Grade 7s and above), Elliot Box (8 x Grade 7s/equivalents and above), Darcey Phipps (8 x Grade 7s/equivalents and above), Owen Walker-Cox (8 x Grade 7s and above), James Phillpott (7 x Grade 7s and above), Anya Johnson (7 x Grade 7s and above), and Joshua Houghton (7 x Grade 7s/equivalents and above).

Sharing in the success are students who have made fantastic progress from their KS2 results, in a very wide range of subjects. These students’ work ethic, independence and ambition has served them well. We are therefore full of admiration for: Ben Hallum, Moxie Mackno, Joshua Goodchild, Ellie Ridler, Reuben Parry, Sophie Cook, Billy Boulton, Hannah Darby, Dawid Plocienniczak and Emily Roebuck. We are thrilled for you!

Congratulations from everyone at Brimsham to all of our Year 11s for everything they have achieved in this most challenging of years.

Students receiving their GCSE results today are enrolling at Cotswold Edge for September 2020. This is being done by appointment, and if you have studied elsewhere for Year 11 but are keen to join us, please contact for further details. There are still places available to students who are undecided about their next steps, and all students are welcome, regardless of where they studied in Year 11.

Year 5 and 6 students who are at the very beginning of their prospective journeys into secondary education are warmly invited to find out what makes Brimsham Green so special by attending our Open Evening on Thursday, 1 October. This will be held virtually, and full details will be available on the school’s website. We will host a series of bespoke information sessions for each primary school, and our website will detail these in due course. Contact for further information.