Health in Schools Gold Award


Brimsham Green School has successfully achieved a Healthy Schools Gold Award!





Brimsham green school has demonstrated a commitment to establishing approaches to developing positive mental health and emotional wellbeing. For example, ACE Attenders is a group approach to address low attendance amongst disadvantaged students, as well as providing breakfast. The Year 7/8 group provides a nurturing and welcoming atmosphere for students who find coming to school difficult. The Year 9/10 group focus is more on the reasons why attendance is important for attainment and future career plans and seeks to encourage high aspirations.

Brimsham Green School has demonstrated how healthier behaviour outcomes, achieved as part of the Silver Award, have been sustained over a period of time. Students like the takeaway style food now available from the canteen and the extra food stations available from the Youth Wing and back of the canteen allowing students to get food quicker and not waste part of their lunch queuing for their food. School meal uptake (4 or more times a week) has improved slightly, from 27% (2017) to 29% (2019), with an increase in pupils with free school meal entitlement up from 60% (2017) to 64% (2019) having a meal 4 or more times a week.

Brimsham Green School has demonstrated a commitment to the importance of pupil participation and pupil led health and wellbeing interventions that inspire others to take action and lead change. Student leaders are now being called upon to represent Brimsham Green at different events or investigate issues in school for example, Home Learning or community support. Students are more confident talking within groups of individuals and are up for the challenges presented within House Council, student governors and tutor time sessions.

Mr Adam Mills, Head of Ladenbrook House,