Community Apprentice Programme


A group of twelve Year 10 students are taking part in an employability programme run in partnership with education charity Envision. The programme is underpinned by term-long structured activities designed to improve and develop their independence, resilience, aspiration, reflection, respect and enquiry, as well as their confidence and the soft skills that employers are requesting.

The programme commenced with a launch day where the Community Apprentices listened to several charities pitch for their support. The students decided to support Nilaari, a small Bristol based charity, who believe in giving people a second chance.

As part of their fundraising activities they have organized a ‘Throw a wet sponge at staff’ event where they raised £40.00 and last week they worked with their business advisors, Highways England, to undertake a fundraising morning at their offices in Bristol.

As part of the programme the students had to present to a group of business people who would judge them on five criteria, each worth £20.00. The students were amazing and secured £395.00 from the four businesses!

During the morning they also sold luxury hot chocolate, sold cakes they had baked and held a static bike race where they raised a further £211.70.

Over the next few weeks they will continue fundraising and finally take part in the ‘Boardroom Challenge’ competing against other schools in South Gloucestershire and Bristol.