Digital Literacy and Computing

Record and edit a video!  Create some music!  Make a stop-frame animation!  Programme a game like ‘flappy bird’!  Make a radio advert!  Design and code a website! 

Yes – all this and more – are just some of the things you will do in DLC (Digital Literacy and Computing) lessons at Brimsham Green School.  We aim to make DLC vibrant, exciting and relevant right from the start by making lessons as practical, up-to-date and demanding as possible.

Brimsham Green students have weekly ICT lessons in years 7, 8 and 9.  In years 10 and 11 students have the choice of either GCSE Computer Science or the OCR Creative iMedia ICT qualification. 

In this digital information age, those with the knowledge and skills to use ICT creatively are sought after and there is the opportunity to pursue new and exciting careers as well as bringing powerful tools to existing ones.  Our aim is to provide all students with the experience to be confident and capable in their use of DLC.

Further information relating to the DLC department can be found here.

Mr L Bogle
Head of Department