Humanities (Years 7 & 8)

Geography"Using the world around us, our beliefs and the past to inspire and stimulate students’ curiosity"

The BGS Humanities Faculty strives to educate students about how people of different cultures relate to each other in the world in which we live today, and how this has changed over time. Through this, students can apply their own experience of the world around them and extend their understanding of it in different contexts.  As a faculty we aim to develop the skills and attributes needed to equip young people to play an active, well-informed role in the community, and prepare them for further education and the world of work.

We are committed to inspiring the love of learning through topics within the fields of Geography, History and Religious Studies.  We want our students to live thoughtful and meaningful lives and we promote the values of mutual respect, cooperation, tolerance, empathy and equality in an environment where everyone matters.

Further information relating to the Humanities Department can be found here.

Mr M Valentine
Head of Humanities