George Orwell

"Who controls the past  controls

the  future: who controls the

present  controls the past"    

George Orwell

Here at Brimsham Green we are passionate about History!

We believe that History is a subject that should fire students’ curiosity and imagination, and allow young people to think critically about Britain’s past and the past of the wider world. History lessons are designed to provide pupils with opportunities to ask perceptive questions, analyse and evaluate historical evidence and understand key concepts such as change, significance, cause and consequence.

We believe it is vital that the adults of tomorrow have a coherent understanding of how people’s lives have shaped this nation, and are able, therefore, to form their own opinions about the world around them. In addition, the study of History encourages mutual understanding of the origins of our ethnic and cultural diversity and identity, and inspires students to become responsible citizens who will go on to make a positive contribution to society. Studying History prepares young people for the future, equipping them with the knowledge, understanding and skills which are so valued in adult life.

Further information relating to the History Department can be found here.

Mr M Valentine
Head of Humanities