"Learning about today’s world; looking after tomorrow’s"

The Geography Department thoroughly believes that Geography is an essential subject to allow students to understand, respect and sustainably utilise the world around them.    Our ethos is based around 5 key aims:

  • Environment - to develop an understanding of the physical and human interactions on the Earth’s surface, leading to a sense of responsibility.
  • Excitement - to instil a sense of wonder at the awesome beauty of the natural world and the power of natural processes.
  • Empathy - to experience/investigate different cultures and lifestyles leading to tolerance, broad horizons and a well developed sense of place.
  • Enquiry - to develop the skills and motivation of a Geographer through experience of fieldwork and geographical research.
  • Excellence - to strive to achieve high standards in the presentation of geographical information and a broad knowledge of Physical, Human and Environmental Geography.

Further information relating to the Geography Department can be found here.

Mr M Valentine
Head of Humanities