At Brimsham Green School, Drama is a highly valued and popular subject across the key stages. 

All students study this subject during Key Stage 3, where alongside learning technical skills and the basics of acting and theatre, we also see students develop in confidence, leadership skills and team work.  We give all students the opportunity to create drama, rehearse, watch and perform drama within a supportive and motivating environment.

Students who continue to study the subject into GCSE and A Level find the course stimulating and enjoyable and relish the opportunity for independent learning.   They grow in their ability and desire to perform as the course progresses and our outcomes are very successful both in terms of grades and in what students have gained personally from the experience of studying Drama.

We are extremely proud of the extra-curricular provision of Drama within the school.  We have an exceptionally high standard of school productions and enjoy producing shows of quality and variety; from Shakespeare to Musicals we pride ourselves in showcasing the absolute best that the Brimsham Green students have to offer.

Further information relating to the Drama Department can be found here

Miss K Hitchcock
Head of Department