Design & Technology

Design TechnologyDesign and Technology is one of the very few opportunities for  students to take part in a technical,  practical education. 

It plays  an  important  role  in  providing  young people with a hands-on,  creative  experience  and  develops  a  practical identity and a capability for innovation. The subject provides opportunity for collaboration, team working and communication - skills that are essential for future employment.

Design and Technology  is not a vocational subject.  It is a general academic subject, and has its own fundamental body  of knowledge, principles and concepts which are not provided elsewhere in the curriculum.  It enables higher level cognitive skills to be developed in the students - developing hypotheses, synthesis of ideas and reflection.  It also provides an opportunity for the study and critical evaluation of the made world.  It offers the opportunity for students to investigate and evaluate the use of materials in products and designs and the consequent depletion of the earth’s natural resources.  But most of all it is about the pleasure and satisfaction of designing and making products.

Mr A Hutchinson
Head of Department