Youth Club

We are very lucky at Brimsham Green School because we have our Youth Wing on the school site.  This is used by the school during the day and is open as a Youth Club in the evening.

Opening times:
Monday 7 - 9 pm:        Year 9 and over 
Tuesday 7 - 9pm:        Year 8                                                                                   Thursday 7 - 9pm:       Year 7

What do we do in the Youth Wing?
We offer a variety of activities, for example: football, table-tennis, pool, tuck-shop, music (bring your own CDs), rounders, netball, regular discos, art & crafts, karaoke, table football, air hockey & T.V.

Students are welcome from other schools to come to the Youth Wing as long as they are of the correct age and there are spaces.  For details on how to join please contact Dawn Young at the Youth Wing office on (01454) 868998 or e-mail