Global Partnership - Hosanna, Uganda

 Our Story so far! 

Maggie Maclean first established contact with Hosanna around 2002. 
Miss Davies and Miss Lowe went over to work in the school in 2007, and came back wanting to further develop the link! 
We have now set up a "Global Partnership" under the guidance of the British Council's Department for International development. 


Setting Up a Global Partnership

Stage 1: Establish contact with partner school

Stage 2: Reciprocal Visit Programme 

OBJECTIVES: Exchange staff between school to:

  • Formalise partnership
  • Establish a shared curriculum – draw up an curriculum action plan
  • Establish student exchange programme
  • (£1900 awarded by British Council) 

Stage 3: Global Curriculum Project 

OBJECTIVES: Exchange students (with 2 accompanying staff) between school to:
  • Further develop joint curriculum projects
  • Offer students the opportunity to work with partners abroad!
  • (Up to £6000) awarded by British Council) 

Continuation of fundraising: 

The British Council wish for schools to ensure they develop equal partnerships. We must therefore aim to support Hosanna in ways that enable the school to contribute towards the Global Partnership. 

Funds raised for the Global Partnership will initially go towards establishing the joint curriculum and getting the logistics of the students exchange firmly in place, in addition to the grant from the British Council.

It will also go towards providing Hosanna students and community with materials they can use to sell and raise money for the partnership. (To be co-ordinated during BGS staff visit to Uganda in April 2009).

Additional monies raised during the early stages and then beyond, shall continue to be used to support the development of Hosanna: textbooks, exercise books, resources, buildings, secondary school development etc.